Wednesday, 6 January 2016

Ireland Romance "Niall"

Part 1

   It was finally summer time and this year you knew it would be different!
Of course all the time you would say the same thing and end up watching TV like a couch potato and end up doing chores, going here and there but nowhere like traveling out of the country!
You had just received a call from your mom and she said that she had bought you a plane ticket to Ireland and you would be leaving tomorrow morning and arriving later that day.
Unable to believe it you called all your friends and told them that you would be leaving!
Later that night you began to pack and fold most of your clothes into a suitcase and backpack.
Of course you were tired but just the idea of leaving your grandmas house and spending some time out of the loud Chicago streets seemed to be just right.
Although it was hard to sleep that night you were able to make it through the night and in the morning came the long drive through the busy traffic and to the airport.
Waving goodbye to friends and grandparents you began to board the airplane.
And slowly the Chicago buildings and homes seemed to fade away and look like tiny ants from above.
It was a long airplane ride and lets not mention the smell of the person beside you but gladly you were able to get the best seat beside the window.
7 hours later the city of Dublin began to appear and there it was a beautiful green landscape.
Boarding off the plane was the hard part because you knew that after getting off you would have to find your name in which that person would later be driving you to your mothers place.

There it was past the crowd in a white banner.
A tall guy with and Irish cap and some wonderful blue eyes. 
At that moment you felt embarrassed, I mean you were wearing some baggy sweats and hoodie, personally not fashionable at all and worst of all he was starring right at you. There was no way to exit this situation and therefore you had to keep walking to him.

ehhh.. hey.. you say in a shy tone. trying to hide your face.

..Well Hello there I'm Niall and ...  (trying to locate you face in a confused way.)
and I will be your personal chauffeur in other words driver are you ready to go??
   uhuh.. you say since for some reason you are too shy to even look at him or talk
Alrighty let me help you with that he grabs the suitcase from your hand and slightly brushes his fingers over yours.
At first you both felt it was nothing but then you guys both look at each other for a second and then both turn away in embarrassment.

"Okay this way", Niall says in a soft tone.

You follow.. until you get to the car and inside you find a smell resembling that of chicken.
Niall turns around and sees you sniffing around in the car.
Ehh sorry I hope you don't mind but I...I sort of bought Nandos before heading over here..
You cut the conversation and say.. nah don't worry you laugh
Amused at the way you laughed Niall says umm.. why don't you sit in front I bet the view would be a lot better.
Alright you say as you begin to get more comfortable around him.
So your new here right?
yes Actually this is my first time out of the country.
You must feel..
shy? you interrupt giggling I was but you made me feel better.
Oh did I? he smirks and glances at you with those blue Dazzling eyes.
(hes so cute) you say in your head or at least you thought you did..
Wait a minute you actually did say it out loud
Darn* you say
What was that? he says
OH uh nothing I meant your hat.. you say embarrassed
Yeah it was my fathers.. hey you don't mind if we stop right here get fuel (gas)?
you looked to the left and you see an old gas station with a couple of guys talking to each other.
"It's fine, I'll just walk outside for a bit to stretch my legs after all that sitting down in the plane and car," you told Niall.
Alright I'll go inside and buy some snacks and pay.
As you see Niall walking towards the gasoline store you get out of the car and stretch beside it. And While you stretched your arms out and legs your eyes seemed to gaze around and realized that the guys were staring at you. Weirded out you think its nothing and start walking away from the gas station to see the breath taking landscape of Ireland with its green grassy plantation.
All of a sudden you feel as if someone is behind you and turning around you see a bearded man looking down on you and beside him were two other younger looking guys.
Hey looks like your lost, do you want us to help you says the man
no.. I'm fine.. you say in a scared tone
Don't be scared we wont hurt you we just want to play for a bit. says another as they come closer.
The strong smell of alcohol is released from there breaths.
Look we didn't want to hurt you but..  the man grabs your wrist with force.
Stop you scream!
No one will hear you, laughs the bearded man and the others.
Nia..  right when you were about to screams Niall's name you hear

HEY Let her go! Says Niall furiously(mad)

What?! say the guys

You Heard Me! says Niall as he starts to walk closer and takes the hand off the man off of your wrist.
Suddenly Niall whispers in your ear.. "run and don't look back"
Confused you look at him and he looks at you as to talk with the eyes telling you everything will be okay and as he nods his head you start to run to the car. 
The feeling of eagerly looking back was tough but you remembered the words he whispered and you get in the car. You wait for a few seconds and then you've had enough you turn around and see 2 men on the ground and the bearded man kneeling down as to plead Niall that he was sorry.
Moments later Niall opens the door of the car and sits in the car in silence.
You turn and look at him and say are you okay
he looks at you
"I'm sorry it was my fault I shouldn't have walked too far from the car," you start to cry.
Its fine.. Don't cry, I would do anything to keep you safe..
He wipes a tear from your cheek...

To Be Continued...

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