Wednesday, 6 July 2016


It is a placid and calm morning as you awake from bed. The sun coming from the apartment balcony finds its way to the coffee table and in the distance birds chirp there way through downtown Los Angeles. Just like always, its time to wake up and start another day. Suddenly, you remember.....wait......this... is not my apartment?
The panic begins, you search around to find clues as to who this apartment belongs to and find nothing. Until....
beep* (voicemail)
Love, I'll be leaving home early because I received a call from Liam and I won't be returning till 6 o'clock don't mind my absence and go ahead and continue the day. Love you, Harry

"Hold up" you say in your head.
As in "Harry"..."Harry Styles"?
"What in the world?! wasn't I just about to finish college and attend my first One Direction Concert at the Staples Center??", but then it hit you as you starred at your reflection in the bathroom mirror saying, "Am I ....Mrs. Styles....??"

To be continued...
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