Wednesday, 6 January 2016

Grocery Boy "Liam"

Part 1
        It was a rainy and cold day and the thought of sitting down beside the window with a hot chocolate in hand seemed like a great idea until you headed on over to the fridge and found nothing but a slice of bread with jam. As you silently starred at the empty inside of the fridge your stomach begins to growl and therefore you are forced to grab a coat and umbrella while putting on some red rain boots.
As you head out the door you begin to walk through the wet and empty alleys where you begin to realize if you had gone to the grocery store 2 days ago then you wouldn't be at this moment walking in the rain. Luckily the small neighborhood grocery store was a few blocks away and the walk was not as long.

As you finally make it to the store you feel a sense of relief because it is warm and cozy but you don't forget the reason why you walked in the cold rain for, so you head on over to the dairy section.
Then to the chocolate and and while you are there you get a couple of things to eat for lunch and dinner. Suddenly your basket gets really heavy and the thought of having to walk all the way till the front of the aisle where the cashier is seems like forever.
With struggle and the last bit of energy you make it. 
Pheww! you say out loud
"Are you okay there?"
As you look up you at stare at some dreamy eyes unable to talk.
"It looked like you were having trouble there with all those groceries"
Oh umm yes just a bit..
He continues to scan the groceries while giving you quick glances.

-"Hey Liam your off after her," says the manger
"Alright" he shouts

Okay the total is $23.45 would you like the receipt?
Umm yes please..
"Here you go, have a wonderful day" he smirks
Uhuh thank you..
You grab your heavy bags and try to balance your weight as you make your way to the door.

"HEY would you like to help you with that? I... Mean I can carry them for you since I'm off work now" says Liam taking off his grocery apron and walking towards you.
"That's okay I live nearby", you say.
"No I don't think so" Liam suddenly responds
What? Shocked you say
"I meant after seeing you struggle I can't leave a beautiful girl like you to carry all those heavy bags especially in the rain"
"Oh well um okay"     you blush and try to hide it so he won't notice
But your too late and he sees it...
Hey you seem to have a fever? he reached out his hand and the back of his palm gently touches your forehead and leaves it there for a moment.
His hand was so warm and comforting.
"Perhaps but I'm fine" you say 
"Are you sure because you don't seem to be, So how much longer?" Liam says 
"Just up the hill we should be there in a bit.."
As you both continue to go uphill and walk towards the door you begin to get some dizzy phases were quick moments you would be dizzy and others not.
Liam stands a few feet behind you as you open the door feeling worried.
With the last bit of energy you turn around and tell him "thank you" with a smile and then feeling your legs losing balance Liam quickly lets go of everything he was holding and grabs you by your sides.
 but you had already fainted.

Liam's thoughts:
Shes so beautiful...

As Liam sweeps you off the ground wedding style he finds the way to your bed and lays you gently.
He delicately brushes off your hair from your face and pauses for a minute to...

To be continued...

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